The speakers are currently in request. So far they are confirmed you will find at this point.

  • Andreas Rau

    As Head of Media Agencies at Facebook Germany, Andreas Rau and his team are responsible for the consulting and strategic development of leading agency partners. Prior to joining Facebook, he held various executive positions at uniquedigital (now SYZYGY Media), United Internet Media and Yahoo! Europe for strategy, innovation, implementation and technology with focus on programmatic and social advertising, yield management and performance marketing.

    Conference: Discover Growth – When Products Find People, Businesses Find Growth

  • Benjamin Locher

    Benjamin Locher is an online performance manager at Telefónica Deutschland, the biggest wireless carrier in Germany. He is responsible for the SEA activities of the Telefónica brands o2, BASE, Blau and simyo. After his studies in International Business and Information Management at the Maastricht University, Benjamin started his career at Google in Dublin. There he advised successful German start-ups and supervised their online marketing activities via Google. Before switching to the telecommunication industry, Benjamin co-built the online marketing department at the e-commerce start-up Springlane as head of SEA.

  • Christian Vollmert

    Christian Vollmert has been active in the online business for 20 years. He is the founder of the lunapark agency, which specialises in digital marketing with a focus on search, advertising and analytics. Together with his brother Markus Vollmert, he leads the 25-man team in Cologne. Lunapark is a Google Premium Partner, Google Analytics Certified Agency and author of the Google Analytics Guide.
    Christian Vollmert is an active member of the German Federal Association of Digital Economy (BVDW), where he was chairman of the Search Focus Group for many years and is a member of the SEO Expert Advisory Board. The graduate in business administration is a speaker, trainer, moderator and author of digital marketing and author of digital marketing. As a lecturer in online marketing, he also teaches at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences.

    Conference: Google Analytics and the Customer Journey

  • Désirée Kellner

    Since 2009, Désirée has been dedicated to the subject of SEA. As Head of Paid Media, she is responsible for everything around PPC at the Cologne-based agency morefire, which emerged from the fusion of rankingCHECK and morefiremedia. As an absolute AdWords nerd, she loves to develop strategies for clients with meticulousness and passion, to test new ideas and thrives when things get really complicated and exciting measures can be combined with each other.

    Konferenz: The Perfect Symbiosis: SEA and SEO

  • Dr. Florian Nottorf

    Florian Nottorf is co-founder and CEO of the AdTech specialist Adference – provider of performance leading PPC optimization for Google AdWords and Amazon. Prior to founding Adference at the beginning of 2014, the PhD in business information technology researched and worked on statistical models in the field of User Journey Analysis and Cross Channel Attribution at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Nottorf developed scientifically excellent methods and was appointed Associate Editor of one of the most renowned conferences in this field of research in 2014. At Adference, Florian Nottorf heads an expert team of now 28 employees.

    Conference: Lift my bids! Optimal handling of Bid Uplifts

  • Frederic Pfister

    Frederic Pfister works as a Measurement & Attribution Specialist for the Retail sector in Germany. Before that he was Account Manager for Onmi-channel Retail clients, helping them better understand and solve the Online 2 Offline challenge. Overall Frederic works at Google for 4+ years and is now based in the Berlin office.

  • Jana-Katharina Kruse

    Jana-Katharina Kruse is a SEA consultant at Performics in Berlin. After her studies in International Management, her focus at Performics is now on the support and strategic consulting of international key accounts. The optimisation and targeted development of international SEA accounts in over 10 languages and in more than 50 countries is the focus of her work. In addition to specializing in Google AdWords, she also coordinates other relevant SEA channels such as Bing Ads or Yandex.

    Session: The challenge of international SEA – implementation, complexity and expansion

  • Jennifer Bölitz

    Jennifer Bölitz is a senior SEA consultant and leads the PPC team of Performics in Berlin. With more than 1600 employees in 41 countries Performics belongs to the top 3 performance marketing agencies worldwide. The Berlin native made the move from online gaming to online marketing. Since 2012, Jennifer has been working at the online marketing agency and was involved in the setup of the Berlin PPC team. Her focus lies on the strategic consultation and support of well-known brands for the German and the international market. Due to her numerous audits and account optimizations, Jennifer is a versatile SEA expert and likes to share her knowledge as an author and speaker, e.g. at SEAcamp, ADworld Experience, and PPC Masters.

    Seminars: SEA for Advanced

  • Marc Päpper

    Marc Päpper is co-founder and CTO of the Hamburg based eCommerce agency Lemundo – developing the SaaS tool ProAdly which helps account managers to save a lot of time and to optimally manage AdWords accounts. Marc has always been fascinated by artificial intelligence which explains the combination of a B.Sc. in computer science and a M.Sc. in neuro-cognitive psychology. Currently, he is excited by the fields of cryptocurrencies, serverless technologies and deep learning and will share his enthusiasm and a live demo of a neural network.

    Conference: When to let the machines learn

  • Marc Rüsing

    As business director at Amazics Marc takes care of the strategic orientation and further development of the Amazon marketing team as well as consulting and development of the customers in this area. With more than eight years of experience in online marketing, including nearly four years at Google, as well as jobs at Bazaarvoice, Adtelligence and his own projects, he additionally offers extensive expertise in the field of performance marketing. Based on his channel-wide experience, he also concentrates on the topic of business development and strategic consulting for existing and new customers. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, hiking or cooking with family and friends.

    Seminare: Seminar 3: With Holistic Amazon Management for Maximum Performance

    Konferenz: PPC Campaigns with Amazon Marketing Services – Short introduction & optimization for advanced users

  • Marcel Pirlich

    As CEO of Bidmanagement GmbH, the company behind Adspert, Marcel is responsible for strategic business development. He has been working in the digital industry for more than ten years and has realised numerous projects in the field of innovation and business development in positions at small and large international companies such as E-Plus/Telefonica and Bertelsmann. As early as 1998, Marcel worked with automated trading systems in equities, foreign exchange and derivatives trading. With the idea of transferring algorithms from the financial world to the online advertising market, he founded Adspert in 2010, together with Stephanie Richter and Harald Bartel. Adspert, an artificial intelligence based media buying system for online advertisers optimizes
    AdWords, Yandex and Bing Ads campaigns and maximizes target achievement in the shortest possible time. Adspert’s customers achieve their goals better and more efficiently.

    Session: Where artificial intelligence helps and where not – what PPC management needs to be able to do

  • Markus Schulze

    Markus Schulze is Senior Media Consultant and heads the Berlin team of the Munich PPC agency adtraffic. Together with the parent agency media plan, customers are comprehensively advised and supported in the implementation of both digital and traditional media. Markus joined explido in Augsburg and entered online marketing. He has been with the agency since the beginning of 2015 via the startup roundabout and has since then served numerous clients such as FC Bayern Munich, WeberHaus and perfumdreams. His focus here is on strategic consulting as well as support of well-known brands for the German and international market. Thanks to the continuous expansion of customers in the Facebook Ads area, Markus has been able to build up his expertise and, together with his team, successfully implement campaigns for a large number of customers from the Berlin location.

    Conference: Storytelling with Facebook Ads

  • Martin Röttgerding

    As Head of SEA, Martin Röttgerding is responsible for search engine advertising at the online marketing agency Bloofusion, which specialises in SEO and SEA. He is an expert for Google AdWords and as PPC Geek he likes to test the limits of the system. In Germany he writes regularly about current developments in the Bloofusion-Blog as well as in the magazine Suchradar. Martin also runs the English-language blog PPC-Epiphany.com, which covers advanced SEA topics.

    With his Google shopping strategy, in which campaigns are segmented according to search queries in order to isolate particularly valuable brand and product terms, Martin has also gained international recognition. It is also known internationally for the widely used AdWords script “Quality Score Tracker”.

    Martin is a regular speaker at national and international conferences (e. g. SMX, PPC Masters, SEAcamp, Heroconf).

    Conference: Making AdWords 10 times better

  • Petra Schmidt

    With almost 10 years of experience in online marketing and the support of various clients in the areas of SEA, affiliate marketing and social media, Petra Schmidt is an expert in the field of marketplace marketing within the agency Performics. Schmidt takes care of the strategic orientation and further development and optimization of all marketplace activities in the field of paid and organic searches.

    Assorted vendors have already been able to improve their sales in online marketplaces by strategically consulting and optimizing campaigns through Performics. In addition to the daily business, Petra Schmidt is responsible for product development, automation and tool development.

    Seminare: Seminar 3: With Holistic Amazon Management for Maximum Performance

    Konferenz: PPC Campaigns with Amazon Marketing Services – Short introduction & optimization for advanced users

  • Philipp Mainka

    There are a lot of tasks in SEA campaign management, which have to be done manually and take a lot of time. However, some of them can be automated using tools. The best example here is AdWords Scripts. However, there are many limitations that make it difficult to work on a large scale.
    So why not work with the Google Cloud right away? This has few limitations and is also inexpensive.
    Sixt will use three application examples to show how they work in the Google Cloud and what processes could be automated in the SEA. It covers Google BigQuery, Google App Scripts and Google Datastudio in more detail.

    Conference: Sixt - Automation in the SEA by using Google Big Query

  • Sebastian Grebasch

    As Mobile Specialist at Google, Sebastian Grebasch supports companies across many industries in developing, improving and implementing mobile strategies and tactics. Before joining Google, Sebastian worked as Marketing Director Marketing at Visual Meta, Managing Partner at Berlin based performance marketing agency Placemind, Director Marketing EU at Wayfair, Head of SEA and Mobile Marketing at Zalando, etc.

    Conference: Mobile Landing Pages: Zero or Hero?

  • Thomas McCarron

    Tom McCarron is head of the Academy of the Performance Marketing Agency Merkle | Periscopix. He has been specialising in pay-per-click marketing for 4 years and now heads the agency’s PPC training team – “The Academy”. Tom manages hundreds of accounts across a wide range of industries. In addition, Tom oversees the development of internal training to ensure that new recruits develop into full-fledged PPC experts. He studied consumer psychology before he stumbled on PPC and has been addicted to it ever since. Previously, he spoke about PPC at King’s College London, UCL and Cass Business School.

    Konferenz: Audiences in Search – It’s not what you say…?

  • Thore Ladicke

    As agency solutions manager of Facebook Germany, Thore Ladicke is co-responsible for advice and strategic development of leading agency partners, especially regarding technical implementation. Before, he was involved in building the Facebook advertising team as project manager at eprofessional GmbH and responsible for the strategy and implementation of the Facebook advertising activities of important clients like Zalando, Hugo Boss, Möbel Roller or AIDA.

    Conference: Discover Growth – When Products Find People, Businesses Find Growth