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On May 22nd 2014, the PPC Masters celebrated the premiere in Hamburg Grünspan. We received so much positive feedback that we want to thank everyone involved for their participation and support. You are the ones best placed to say how it was in May, therefore we have gathered together some of your messages.


Daniel Szesniak & Ina Weber, Neoskop

“There were some handy, practice-oriented tips and hints during the Jump-Start track which definitely made the trip worthwhile. No nagging necessary in regard to the food and beverages offered – quantitatively as well as qualitatively a thumbs up! Would gladly come again next year!“



“The PPC Masters imparts valid and interesting content for professionals and beginners while at the same time manages to convey the content in a comprehensible fashion.”


Tobias Jungcurt, SoQuero

“The new format started with a successful premiere with international speakers and a good mix between contextual depth and strategic and operative content for beginners.”


Sarah Arning, Internetkapitäne

“The PPC Masters was amazing! I hope I can be there again next year. Nice people, great lectures, impressive know-how and inspiring sessions. And all of that in Hamburg. So the organizers have my click for sure!”


Jasmin Barthel, Clicks Online Business

“The location was really cool – it is always pleasant not to have a stiff conference atmosphere.”


“All in all it was a great, inspiring event, and every (future) PPC Master should be attended.”


Ines Kuster, Aufgesang

“I really liked the practical relevance of the lectures: vivid examples were given, experiences were shared and analyses were created live.”


Anton Priebe, Online Marketing.de

“At the PPC Masters international speakers announced the newest insights about AdWords, PLAs, Native Ads, YouTube-Ads, SEO strategies, legal aspects regarding SEA and more.”


Benedikt Blaß, intelliAd

“We have never had something like that in Germany before, but after such a successful event we hopefully will on a regular basis. Superb weather, two cool locations (Grünspan and Indra) and of course top speakers, is a convincing combination.”


Thomas Hertkorn, State of Digital

“The PPC Masters was a great event for PPC advertisers with a bright variety of presentations and a big strategic part for decision makers. Compliments to the hosts Andre Alpar and Phillip Westermeyer on organizing a great event including delicious food on the day. I hope this kind of conferences will continue and I am definitely planning to be there next year at the PPC Master Conference.”



“The first edition of the PPC Masters was a great success and offered concentrated SEA knowledge as well as a cross-sectored exchange of experiences and strategies in the PPC business. We are looking forward to the PPC Masters 2015!”